Local Church And Farmers Of America Provide Outreach To Community

(JUDAH) – On Friday, Connerstone Worship Center located in Judah provided local families boxes of food for those who might be in need.

Cornerstone Church in Judah distributed food boxes to families Friday morning
Audio: Pastor T.J. Skiles explaining the new outreach

This would make the second time the church has provided a meal in a box. In November it was estimated that the church gave out approximately 600 boxes of food.

A semi-load of food boxes arrived Friday morning.

On Friday, the truck was delayed in getting to the church so there was a slight delay and people had to wait. Approximately 100 vehicles were already in line on Friday morning.

Church members package milk to distribute to waiting vehicles.

“We want people to be patient with us as we work out the kinks to our system,” said Pastor T.J. Skiles of Cornerstone Worship Center.

Church members try to love on the people and take care of their needs according to Pastor T.J. Skiles.

The outreach is a “no strings attached” ministry as the food is delivered from Farmers of America. They do not ask any questions and just distribute the food.

The church hopes to be able to provide this outreach on a monthly basis starting in 2021.

“We just want to reach out to the community and fulfill a need that is there. 2020 has been very difficult for many people especially those with job losses. A colleague of mine contacted me and told me about the program and thought it would be beneficial to our area,” said Pastor Skiles.

Audio: Pastor Skiles’ final comments.

The church is hoping to provide this program on a monthly basis next year. To keep updated on the next food distribution you can go to the church’s website at https://www.cornerstonejudah.com/