Marengo Woman Arrested On Public Intoxication And Bribery Charges

(MITCHELL) – Mitchell Police officers arrested a Marengo woman after they found her intoxicated, disorderly, and she attempted to bribe an officer.

Valerie Smelser

Police arrested 48-year-old Valerie Smelser, on charges of public intoxication, bribery, disorderly conduct, intimidation, and resisting arrest.

According to a probable cause affidavit, on Friday at approximately 6:04 p.m. Mitchell Police officers were called to the Mitchell Inn on State Road 60 East after a report of a domestic fight.

When police arrived they found Smelser standing behind the counter of the Inn screaming at the clerk who was on the phone with 911.

Officers say the clerk was scared and shaken while speaking to the 911 dispatcher.

Officers found several papers and the plexiglass divider on the floor as if an altercation had occurred.

Smelser was asked to calm down and step away from the clerk. She was asked to tell officers what was bothering her. Officers reported Smelser was intoxicated.

Smelser continued to be loud and she was warned if she did not calm down she would be arrested. An officer then attempted to grab Smelser by the arm and escort her away from the clerk. Smelser pulled away from the officer. He then again grabbed her and forcibly placed her against a wall and into handcuffs.

Smelser then dropped to the floor and refused to stand up. As the officer continued to get Smelser to stand she continued to resist and she had to be forcibly made to stand. She was then pulled to the police car where she refused to sit in the vehicle and kept screaming at the officer. Smelser had to be forcibly picked up and placed inside the police car and restrained with the seat belt.

The clerk reported that Smelser came into the office and began yelling at her. She then threw the clerk’s paperwork to the floor and knocked over items on the counter.

The clerk then dialed 911 and that is when Smelser came behind the counter. The clerk told police Smelser was not a registered guest at the inn.

A male at the scene told police he had brought Smelser from her home and was taking her back to her house. The male said he had stopped at McDonald’s and went inside to order for both of them since Smelser was intoxicated. When he returned to his truck with the food his truck was gone and he found it parked at the inn along with the police vehicles.

The male told police he didn’t want Smelser charged with taking his truck.

Smelser was taken to IU Health Hospital for a medical evaluation and blood draw. She continued to be combative and yell and scream on the ride to the hospital. She threatened to kill the officer if she was taken to jail. Smelser was again told to calm down or she would face other charges. She told officer she didn’t care and she would hunt him down and kill him.

Smelser continued to kick the inside of the vehicle and yell at the officer.

Upon arrival to IU Health Hospital, Smelser continued to be uncooperative with police and hospital staff. While sitting with Smelser to be medically cleared she looked at the officer and asked if he would take her home. She was told she was under arrest and was going to jail. She then asked the officer if he wanted to have sexual intercourse with her. She was told that was inappropriate and she continued to ramble about other things. She also asked the officer to just give her a tick and release her and said ”that is what they do in Crawford County”. She said and she knows this because she had pending charges in Crawford County for driving while intoxicated.

Smelser continued to be aggressive and yell at the hospital staff and officers and was told multiple times to calm down.

IU Health Hospital staff confirmed Smelser’s blood-alcohol content was 0.367 percent.

While awaiting medical clearance Smelser continued to scream and yell. At one point she tried to remove her IV and the hospital staff advised her that they would restrain her if she attempted to remove it again.

At another point Smelser slipped off her handcuffs and began to walk outside of her room where the officer was standing. After re-securing Smelser she was advised if she attempted to remove her restraints and leave again she could face more charges.

Smelser was released from IU Health and transported to the Lawrence County Jail.