Ordinance Approved To Require Amish To Pay Registration On Buggies And Lighting

(BEDFORD) – Last year, Lawrence County Commissioners, Highway Supertindent David Holmes, Lawrence County Sheriff Mike Branham discussed ordinances established in other counties to address Amish buggies on county roads.

“We are seeing increased buggy traffic on Tunnelton, Vinegar Hill and Pinhook Roads and in the Lawrenceport area,” said Lawrence County Highway Superintendent David Holmes.

The Lawrence County sheriff Mike Branham addressed the commissioners last year, stating he would like to see an ordinance establishing buggies to have proper lighting and slow moving vehicle signs as a safety precaution.

Lawrence County Commissioner Dustin Gabbhart has met with the Amish bishops and come up with a solution and they have agreed to the ordinances.

  • each Buggy will be required to pay $80 in registration for four years.
  • each Buggy will be required to have one high light and one low light on each buggy, as well as a tail light.

The money will go towards the repair and upkeep of the roads.

Officials were concerned about horse’s steel shoes and iron buggy wheels causing damage to county roadways.

“I know Daviess County has had to address this issue,” said Commissioner Gabhart.

Both Lawrence and Orange Counties have met with the Amish community in addressing the issues.