Agreements For South – Central Regional Sewer District Approved During Commissioner’s Meeting

(BEDFORD) – Michelle Carrico, Southern Indiana Development Corporation asked the Lawrence County Commissioner to sign agreements for the grant award for a new wastewater treatment plant in the Judah area.

The $700,000 grant was applied through the Office of Community and Rural Affairs on behalf of the South-Central Regional Sewer District. The Lawrence County Commissioners was just a conduit for the grant application.

The current wastewater treatment plant was built in the mid 1970’s and serves 117 residents and area businesses in the Briarwood and Judah area. Officials stated that this utlitiy service needs updated.

The sewer district is responsible for their portion of the cost for the project.

“I just want the thank the commissioners for helping us getting proper sewers in the Briarwood addition, and bring up our utility to meeting the standards. We are on a tight budget but we can do this,” Richard Martin South-Central Sewer District.

A public hearing on the cost of the project and details of the planned project will be held at a later date.

The commissioners also signed a memorandum agreement with South Indiana Development Corporation for Brownfields located within the county.

The SIDC was appointed by the State of Indiana to oversee the Brownfield projects throughout the state.

In other business:

  • A deed will be conveyed to the City of Bedford for property located near John Williams Boulevard and Beech Street. The City of Bedford is working on a roundabout and it was discovered that the county still owns the property. The Bedford City council will also have to approve the transfer and then the deed recorded by the city.
  • Re-Appointed Amanda May to the Bedford Library board
  • David Holmes gave the commissioners a report on bridges throughout the county. A few of the bridges have been designated as a poor rating condition. The county is behind as in the state as far as the bridge poor category. The bridges are longer bridges and will require more money to make repairs or replacements. The bridge on Cement Plant Road and Armstrong Station Road had deterioration. The county will be looking at Community Crossing Grants and Federal aid in the repair of these bridges.
  • The Lawrence County 911 Board will be looking at Next Generation 911 in upgrading the county’s 911 system. The county will be adding one 911 position at the Bedford Police Department, and 4 back-up positions to be able to answer calls at locations other than the dispatch center.
  • Chief Deputy Aaron Shoults gave the commissioners a jail update:
    • 155 – inmates
    • 127 – Males
    • 28 – Females
    • 9 – DOC
    • 3 – Level 6 Felons
    • 2 – Parole Holds