Honoring Those From Lawrence County Who Died In World War II

(BEDFORD) – The anniversary of Victory Over Japan or V-J Day and the end of the worst war the world has ever seen was announced on August 14, 1945, but the official observance in this country was set to September 2, 1945.

Lawrence County Veterans Affairs Officer Brad Bough wanted to honor those World War II Veterans last weekend, however, due to COVID-19 the event was postponed.

Last year, Lawrence County was able to honor some of these men, approaching the 75th Anniversary of the end to World War II.

Flag flies over the memorials at the Lawrence County Courthouse

Today we offer a tribute to the servicemen of Lawrence County who died in that war.

Wayne Gennette, who died in World War II, is not on the memorial listing of those who died in the war from Lawrence County.

“Wayne’s family came to Lawrence County during the depression to work in the stone mills. There was not any work, and many working in the federal CCC programs,” said James Lee Hutchinson, who told his story.

“Wayne then decided to move to Canada and join the Air Force (RAF). Gennett was a gunner because he wanted to fly,” added Hutchinson.

Gennett did not want to join the U.S. Army because they did not have an air corps. There were only 20 planes. So, he went to Canada and volunteered. He got shot down not too long after the United States Air Force got to England.

Gennett was not on the deceased plaque because he did not serve in the United States military.

His family has been trying for years to get his name the memorial but without success.

Lawrence County World War II Memorial

We honor the following men from Lawrence County who died in World War II.

  • Roscoe D. Adamson
  • Harold R. Allen
  • James B. Ambler
  • Cecil P. Asbury
  • Claudie Bailey
  • Carl R. Baker
  • Curtis Barger
  • Amos R. Beavers
  • Wayne Beechler
  • John M. Blackburn
  • Marion F. Blackwell
  • Francis L. Bough
  • George Brown
  • Paul T. Brown
  • Dwight W. Byers
  • Sylvester Catozzi
  • Glen L. Chastain
  • James E. Cobb
  • Orville Connerely
  • David Daughtery
  • William F. Davidson
  • Marvin R. Davis
  • Ralph Doane Jr.
  • Cube C. Dowling
  • Glenn F. Duncan
  • Virgil H. Eagan
  • Raymond R. Easton
  • Wesley V. Emery
  • Wilbur E. Evans
  • Raymond V. Farmer
  • Charles F. Ferguson
  • Eathel I. Fish
  • Forest K. Flynn
  • Spencer E. Flynn
  • Opal Franklin
  • Dale R. Freeman
  • Hartwell F. Fultz
  • Clyde Gabbert
  • Robert E. Gardner
  • Paul George
  • John P. Gennett
  • Charles Glimpse
  • Wilbert E. Goldsby
  • Lowell Goodin
  • Charles T. Graves
  • Marvin W. Grogan
  • Loren W. Hancock
  • Delbert Hensley
  • Durard E. Henson
  • Llyod E. Holt
  • Wayne O. Hubbard
  • Robert E. Hubbard
  • Bennie J. Hudson
  • Lawrence H. Huffman Jr.
  • Willard Hunter
  • Morris D. Isom
  • Wayne Jolley
  • Leonard C. Kennison
  • Luther C. Kern
  • Ronald C. Kern
  • Wallace O. Kinder
  • Esco King
  • Raymond M. King
  • Warren C. Kopp
  • Charles A. Kenkel
  • Forest A. Lake
  • Harry Lee Jr.
  • James E. Long
  • Ermal R. Lynn
  • Harold W. McCain
  • William P. MCcann
  • Guy A. McClung
  • Bufford McDonald
  • Orvil Madden Jr.
  • Roy K. Malott
  • Lonial J. Martin
  • Raymond Mascio
  • Gerald N. Megnin
  • Warren Midkiff
  • Lester Miller
  • Sylvester Mitchell
  • Glenn Moffitt
  • John O. Moore Jr.
  • Richard A. Mowery
  • William A. Norman
  • Robert D. Owens
  • William F. Owens
  • Lloyd E. Parish
  • Charles E. Phillips
  • James Pitts
  • James W. Prior
  • Leland C. Quillen
  • Hubert O. Rainey
  • Paul Rayhill
  • Leslie H. Robbins
  • Daniel L. Roberts
  • Frances E. Robertson
  • John F. Root
  • Robert R. Roubadeaux
  • Harrison E. Sanders
  • Warren R. Sears
  • Donald W. Sego
  • Wilbert Slaughter
  • Chester R. Smith
  • Robert U. Smith
  • James E. Sproles
  • John W. Stigall
  • John F. Stotts
  • Rawleigh Talbott
  • Harold J. Terrell
  • Jesse L. Thomas
  • James T. Thompson
  • Marvin D. Timms
  • William L. Torphy
  • George E. Trogdon
  • Adolph Turpen
  • Charles H. Waldron
  • Wendell White
  • Robert E. Willis
  • Glen E. Wood
  • Jesse R. Wood
  • Dean E. Wykoff
  • Thomas L. Yaney

May their sacrifice never be forgotten.