Teen Arrested After Stealing Vehicle

(BEDFORD) – An Indianapolis teen was arrested early Tuesday morning after Bedford Police officers stopped the vehicle he was driving on State Road 37 around 2 a.m.

“The driver was riding the brakes and weaving back and forth in the lane he was driving in,” said Chief Terry Moore.

After stopping the vehicle, officers determined the driver, a 16-year-old male from Indianapolis, did not have a driver’s license.

“While speaking with the juvenile he mentioned that the truck was not his and he didn’t know who it belonged too,” said Chief Moore. “He told officers a man told him he could drive it to Indianapolis if he would drop him off at a house.”

The teen told police he was on his way back to Indianapolis.

“Officers tracked down the vehicle owner who was staying at a local motel who told officers he did not give the juvenile permission to take the truck,” added Chief Moore. “Officers also located marijuana on the juvenile.”

The probation department was contacted and the juvenile was detained and transported to a juvenile detention facility on charges of theft of a vehicle, possession of marijuana, and operating a vehicle while never licensed.