Indiana Master Naturalist (IMN) Program

(UNDATED) – The mission of the Indiana Master Naturalist (IMN) program is to bring together natural resource specialists with adult and youth learners.

The hope is to foster an understanding of Indiana’s plants, water, soils, and wildlife, and promote natural resource volunteer service. IMN classes are found around the state. All classes offer a minimum of eight sessions of three hours each that focus on Indiana’s natural resources. Class sessions relate to botany, zoology, geology/soils, water, people, and natural resources. The class instructors provide field and hands-on experience while teaching.

To obtain an IMN certification, participants must take the class, a test, and do volunteer work.

Recently, adult IMNs helped Junior and Teen IMNs plant 20 trees at Ouabache State Park. Ten red cedars were placed near the shoreline of Lake Kunkel to help deter geese. The adults and youth were given a lesson on how to properly plant a tree. With adult guidance, the youth completed their service project. Each child is to take care of their tree to complete their volunteer time. Not only did the youth get the satisfaction of helping the park, park guests will get to enjoy the trees for years to come.

IMNs young and old provide help at parks and for other natural resource organizations.  

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