Public Welcomed To Reverse Parade Honoring Dr. George Sorrells This Saturday

(BEDFORD) – The public is invited to show their gratitude to Dr. George Sorrells on Saturday by participating in a reverse parade from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. at the Bedford Camp and Conference Center.

Dr. George Sorrells

The event is hosted by Steve Miller, Ric Olson, Pam Evans, Dr. Jim Sowders, and Camp Manager Chuck Bair. The camp, located at 33 Church Camp Road, is one of Dr. Sorrells’ loves along with the children he has treated over the years.

All his former patients and coworkers are encouraged to attend to thank him for his service.

Dr. George Sorrells was born on a farm in rural Orange County to two teachers, George W. and Evelyn Sorrells. He attended Orangeville and Huron schools as a child and graduated in 1955 from French Lick High School. He went on to attend Indiana University for his undergraduate work. He spent his summers working at Carpenter Body Works in Mitchell, which is where he met his wife, Barbara. They married on July 4, 1960, and will celebrate their 60 year anniversary this year. They have four children, Rhonda, George W. III, Ann and Trish, and 10 grandchildren.

Dr. Sorrells graduated from the Indiana University School Of Medicine with his medical degree in 1962. He spent two years, 1963-1965, at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis before moving to Bedford to join the Edgewood Clinic in 1965.

“Today was our last appointment with Dr. George Sorrells. As sad as I feel. I feel so happy and truly blessed that he took Calvin on as a patient 3 years ago. He is such a wonderful and caring man. He has eased my worries and always made me feel like I was doing good at this parenting thing. Every single office visit ended with ‘You’re doing a mighty fine job’ or ‘You’re doing great mom and dad’” – Post by Yvette Holguin – Facebook

The parade will serve as a kickoff of a $350,000 fundraising effort to upgrade the Bedford Camp and Conference Center.

The Bedford Camp and Conference Center at 33 Church Camp Road. The wooded grounds of 70 acres overlook the East Fork of the White River. Scenic vistas from Overlook Lodge and the Vespers Spot inspire the soul and draw the heart closer to God. The camp is open year-round.

Since the pandemic started right as Dr. Sorrells retired on March 31, the group felt the public didn’t have the proper opportunity to thank him so they came up with the idea of a reverse parade.

“These children are not my patients, they are my family,” said Dr. Sorrells. “Helping others is fundamental. I feel it is I who owe the debt to this community not them to me.”

Dr. Sorrells has dedicated his life to his patients. Before he retired he was up every morning at 5 a.m. and is at his desk by 6:30 a.m., seven days a week. On Sunday mornings, he could be found working on his Sunday School lesson in his office.

Now Dr. Sorrell hopes to continue to help others by spending his time mentoring medical residents and students at the IU School of Medicine in Bloomington.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to share the joys and sorrows of my children and their families over the years,” Dr. Sorrells added. “An absolute joy.”

Dr. George Sorells and nurse Abby Booth. “I won’t get to hear him say ‘Abigail!’ anymore. I won’t get to hear him say ‘that’s rarer than teeth in a chicken!’ anymore. I type this through tears in my eyes and my heart physically hurts. I am so grateful that I got to be his nurse for a small fraction of his 50+ years of practice. He loves his patients. I don’t say that lightly. He LOVES them. ALL.OF.THEM. I’m convinced he would work 24 hours a day if he could. The children are his world. I love watching his face light up when a child presents him with a special drawing. Or when they wave and say ‘bye Dr. Sorrells!’ and he blows them a kiss. Or when they run up and hug him and he hugs them with everything he has. They adore him.” Post by Abby Booth – Facebook.

During the parade, you will tour the scenic camp from the comfort of your car; be entertained with calliope music from Ron Bell; receive a hot dog, chips, and drink in the drive-through picnic; and drive by and thank Dr. Sorrells for his 55 years of dedication to the children of southern Indiana.

Gifts are discouraged, but in the tradition of the legacy, people may donate to the Camp renovation fund which is another way Dr. Sorrells will continue to help the children of Indiana and beyond. 

The mission of Bedford Camp and Conference Center is to provide a wooded setting for faith formation, spiritual renewal, community building, leadership development, strategic planning, and mentoring. The Camp’s ministry of hospitality helps participants of all generations to foster a deeper faith, discern their spiritual gifts, and build relationships, all strong beliefs of Dr. Sorrells.