May Weather Brings About A Fishing Frenzy

(UNDATED) – May is a wonderful time to go fishing – longer, sunny days mean the water is warming and the fish are biting.

The following is a list of Department of Natural Resources tips on fishing:

  • April’s stocked trout are actively cruising ponds and streams in cooler waters. Find information on stocked locations in DNR 2020 trout stocking plan.
  • You can catch Lake Michigan coho and chinook salmon from a pier or boat using DNR tips and tricks for shore fishing and trolling.
  • In early May, you may be able to catch white bass as they run up tailwaters and other streams.
  • Visit one of DNR’s prime muskie fishing locations and reel in a big one.
  • Crappie has already moved into shallower waters to spawn – find fishing tips on the DNR website.
  • Largemouth bass, bluegill, and redear all start to spawn when the temperature reaches 65 degrees – they will be busy feeding in the shallows and defending their nests.
  • Walleye fishing in tailwaters depends greatly on the discharge from dams, but fishing can be excellent through May. When flows are high, fish migrate upstream toward the dam. Check out our list of great walleye fishing locations.

Not sure what to use as bait or a lure? As active as fish are now, they aren’t picky, according to DNR naturalist. They’ll bite artificial lures like spinners, jigs, and flies. Small hooks with red worms, bee moths, or crickets also work. Some aquatic insects will be hatching, so you may wish to match the hatch. The best thing to do is get out there and wet a line.