Trustee Wants Ownership Of Springville Elementary Returned To Perry Township

(BEDFORD) – Perry Township Trustee Bob Phillips drafted a letter to the Lawrence County Commissioners requesting them to intervene in the sale of the Springville Elementary School and to return the property and all buildings to Perry Township.

Perry Township Trustee Bob Phillips

“Since NLCS (North Lawrence Community Schools) has determined that these properties are excess to their needs we are of the opinion that the property would be managed by the township for the benefit of the township and the citizens of the township that paid taxes for the construction of the original facility and improvements,” Phillips wrote. “It should be noted that the original property and the original building was owned by Perry Township prior to the formation of the combined township school board that eventually became NLCS.”

An identical letter was sent to the Lawrence County Council and Perry Township Attorney Brent Steele.

Springville Elementary School

The commissioners said they can not control or voice an opinion on the sale of the property, but they did urge school officials to contact Phillips on their plans for the property and if and when the property is going to be sold so the township can bid on the property.