Commissioners Approve Request To Use Former WorkOne Office For Early Voting

(BEDFORD) – Lawrence County Clerk Billie Tumey requested to temporarily use the vacant WorkOne office space in Courthouse Plaza for the Voter Registration Office for the June 2nd election.

The request was made during Tuesday’s Lawrence County Commissioners’ meeting.

Lawrence County Clerk Billie Tumey

“In his executive order, Governor Holcomb gave the clerks authority to move their office for election purposes,” said Tumey in her letter. “With social distancing an issue in the current Voter Registration Office area, the early voting would need to take place in a different location. Looking around the courthouse for additional space, there are no areas that would not affect another office in some way.”

The Primary Election, previously scheduled for May 5, has been postponed to June 2 by an Executive Order of the Governor due to COVID-19. To learn more visit

Tumey said there will be no issue with setting up phone and internet service in the former WorkOne office.

“I am unsure of when the move would happen, but a good guess would be within the next few weeks,” she added.

The commissioners approved the request.