UPDATE: Abatement Stops Transfers Of Washington Nursing Home Patients

(WASHINGTON) – The Daviess County Health Department has issued an order preventing nursing homes, assisted living or other similar providers from moving or planning to move positive COVID-19 residents into facilities in Daviess County from facilities out of the county.

The order says these same residents that could be moved are not being tested and that testing is inadequate or inconclusive. They also note that facilities and treatment for COVID-19 may be inadequate and these conditions may contribute to transmitting, generating or promoting COVID-19 among the vulnerable residents and workers of these facilities in the county.

Earlier – Protesters lined the streets of Business 50 Sunday night concerned about their loved ones being forced to move from the Washington Nursing Center. 

They also expressed concern about the employees who currently work at the nursing home.

Eric Ahlbrand, the regional director of operations for Chosen Care, says they plan to move residents beginning today after a recommendation from the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Ahlbrand said patients who don’t have the disease in Washington will be moved to Chosen Care facilities locations in Vincennes, Hanover, and Fowler, Indiana.

Ahlbrand added the fear is if COVID-19 patients stay in individual facilities the disease could spread throughout.

Patients who have mild symptoms of COVID-19 at those 14 buildings will be moved to the Washington facility. This will allow the company to bring all of its treatment materials, like PPE, to one location. Ahlbrand says this move is the safest thing for residents and staff.

Ahlbrand says that staff members are not losing their jobs.