Kentucky Doctor Denied Service at Martinsville Marathon Station

(MARTINSVILLE) – A Kentucky doctor claims he was shouted at and told to leave a gas station in Martinsville.

The doctor, who is of Korean descent, was at a Marathon gas station on Burton Lane on Friday, March 27th when the clerk allegedly began shouting at him and asking him where he was from.

According to Martinsville Chief of Police Kurt Spivey, the man had been refused service because the clerk believed the man was of Chinese or Asian descent and due to the spread of COVID-19.

The doctor told police the clerk keep asking where he was from and yelling at him.

The doctor told the clerk he was a cancer doctor and of Korean descent but born in Louisville, Kentucky.

“The clerk was very angry and told me to get out,” continued the Doctor. “I wasn’t allowed to buy anything there, not allowed to use the bathroom there. I was told to never come back. ‘Don’t ever come back’, he said this in a very violent and hateful way.”

Chief Spivey says this was a one-time incident. They also stated that there was a language barrier issue.

The owner said he’s sorry the incident happened, and he recognized the mistake and wants to correct it. The owner said the clerk has been fired.

The owner, who is of Indian descent and immigrate from Asia, said he would like to speak to the man who was targeted, saying this should have never happened.