Area Firefighters Learn The Tools Of The Trade

(BEDFORD) – Firefighters from Lawrence, Martin and Orange Counties spent Monday evening completing practical skills as part of the Module C section of their firefighting training.

Firefighters from Indian Creek, Marion, Marshall, Orleans, Orange County Rural District 2, Pleasant Run, Shawswick and Shoals Fire Departments perform practical skills at the District 8 Training Tower in Bedford Tuesday night.

There are four modules of firefighting training in the State of Indiana which include:

  • Module A – This is a mandatory fire training module.
  • Module B – Includes Haz-Mat Awareness, Haz-Mat Operations, and Rescue Technician
  • Module C- Firefighter I training
  • Module D- Firefighter II training.

Firefighting is a dangerous occupation with many things that today’s firefighters must be familiar with, from building construction, search and rescue, and how to advance hose lines in buildings, both up and downstairs.

A firefighter’s eyes are covered as he is taught how to feel around walls and to reach fire victims.

The 17 firefighters training had various levels of skills. Their skill levels ranged from newcomers to those that have been training for years.

Bedford North Lawerence High School Student Corey Martin attended tonight’s training.

Bedford North Lawrence High School student Corey Martin’s first time responding to a fire was a Monday morning mobile home fire on Patton Hill Road.

“It was hard to see moving inside, and you learn to stay with your partner,” Martin said. “Definitely an adrenaline rush being my first time.”

Firefighters learn to maneuver around places inside a building.

Martin Tuesday learned how to advance hose lines up and downstairs, search and rescue methods, how to make sure the floors are sturdy, and how to always look out of one another.

Martin’s dad has been a volunteer firefighter for several years at the Indian Creek Fire Department.

“He was always going on fire calls when I was very little which sparked my interest in firefighting,” Martin added.

Rick Davis with Marion Township VFD talked about the training and what was learned.

Rick Davis is a member of the Marion Township Volunteer Fire Department. He started on the Pleasant Run Township Fire Department about two years ago.

His interest in the fire service started when his older brother fell in a pool and his dad performed CPR on him.

“My brother was on life support for nine hours but survived the ordeal,” Davis added. “Then, several years ago I had an uncle who died in a house fire. These two incidents are what got me wanting to help the community and be there in their time of need.”

Davis is an emergency medical responder and is studying to become an emergency medical technician.

Robert Ryan helps advance a hose line during Monday’s training.

Robert Ryan, Marion Township Fire Department, stated he learned new ways to do things inside a burning structure, like going backward in places, and what to feel and look for inside a structure fire.

Instructors overseeing the training included Bobby Brown, Adlar Ramsey, and J.D. Ramsay; all from the Shawswick Fire Department.

Firefighters from Indian Creek, Marion, Marshall, Pleasant Run, Shawswick, Orleans, Orange County Rural District 2, and Shoals Fire Department took part in the training.

There is a shortage of volunteer firefighters across the nation and in Indiana. The amount of training, high call volumes and family demands keep many from volunteering.

Many departments in the county have recruitment programs encouraging more people to join.

“It would be nice if this was offered in the local high schools like it is in Bloomington,” Ryan stated. “At least they need to offer Emergency Medical Technician training and we would like to see them offer firefighting training.”

Corey Martin being able to offer this course at the North Lawrence Career Center would be a nice recruitment tool for the local volunteer fire service.

17 firefighters from three counties took part in training at the District 8 Fire Tower