Oolitic Water/Sewer Board Votes To Increase Fees

(OOLITIC) – The Oolitic Water/Sewer Board voted to increase the stormwater fees.

The fees will increase from $3.50 to $9.

The fee increase is to help fund the town’s portion of a grant to improve three locations where the town is facing stormwater issues.

The areas needing attention include Hall/Mathias, 6th and Oak streets, and Nikirk and Candlelight Lane.

The total project is $867,000 with the town having to secure a loan in the amount of $300,000. The loan will be at approximate 2.5 percent interest rate for a period of ten years.

The rate will not only fund the proposed grant but allow the town enough revenue to address other emergencies or projects.

The proposal for an increase will now be presented to the public before the Town Council meeting next month.