Daviess County Commissioners Increase Buggy License fees

(DAVIESS CO.) – The Daviess County Commissioners unanimously voted to increase buggy license plate fees in the county from $60 to $75.

The Amish community has not spoke against the increase.

The increase is to help offset the cost of road damage caused by horse and buggy traffic. This year the county issued 2,400 buggy license plates.

The county spends around $300,000 a year on damages done by horses and buggies.

Damage to roads by horses and buggies

Officials say to pay for the damage the county would have to raise buggy license fees to $150 each but deemed that amount to high at this time.

Commissioners are concerned some of the Amish are not buying permits for each buggy but instead using one permit and moving it from buggy to buggy.

Officers will be increasing enforcement. Violators will be issued a green warning on a buggy without a plate. After that, they will receive a ticket of $500 which is similar to driving a vehicle without a license.