Indiana BMV to Provide Driver’s Manual in Four New Languages after Lawsuit

(INDIANAPOLIS) – The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles will provide the Indiana driver’s manual in four additional languages as a result of a lawsuit brought by a South Bend organization and the ACLU.

Currently, the manual is available in English or Spanish, but the test can be taken in 14 different languages.

The agency agreed to have the driver’s manual translated into any language that offers the written driver’s test if an average of 500 or more people took the test in that language.

As a result of the agreement, the agency will provide the manual in Arabic, Burmese, Chin (Chin language is the language spoken by people in the Chin State of Myanmar Burma), and Mandarin by March 1, 2021, the only languages that meet the threshold at this time.

In addition, the agency must conduct a review each year to determine if any additional languages meet the threshold by reviewing which language tests were administered over the previous three years.

Electronic copies of all translated versions of the driver’s manual will be available on the BMV website.