Authorities Attempting to Identify Body Found at Scene of Brown County House Fire

(NASHVILLE) – Brown County authorities are working to identify the body of a man found at the scene of a house fire last week in the 900 block of Leaf Hawk Lane.

Police were called back to the fire scene after the family of the homeowner went to the home and looked in a van and found the body in the front seat. The van had sank into the ground and the windows were all dirty, making it difficult to see inside.

Firefighters from six volunteer departments battled the house fire after a neighbor alerted officials on Nov. 19th. The homeowner was not living in the home. The home was destroyed during the incident.

Coroner Earl Piper will work to identify the man using DNA over the next couple of weeks. The man was in his mid-50s to mid-60s and had been dead for at least six months.

Piper says the death appears to be from natural causes because there was no trauma to the body. Officials say that the body was in bad shape from extreme decomposition.