Sign up for the Annual ‘Bolt for the Heart’ 5k

(CARMEL) – Looking for a fun way to get some exercise and help put an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) into police cars across Indiana? The “Bolt For The Heart” 5K fundraising event is held in Carmel on the Center Green at 9 a.m. every year on Thanksgiving Day. You can register by clicking here

If you can’t make the Thanksgiving Day run in Carmel, you can sign up to do the “5K Virtual Run” which you can do anytime and anyplace between now and Thanksgiving. You receive a medal and runner’s bib for signing up for the run, with options to buy shirts and hats.

If you don’t want to run but would still like to help out, you can by making a donation of any amount. To register and do a “Virtual Run” or to make a donation in any amount go to this link To Donate or Run Click This Link and Then Click the “Donate” or “Virtual Run” Tab  All funds raised from the run or donations will go towards the purchase of additional AED’s for law enforcement.

More about Bolt For The Heart

Bolt For The Heart is a non-profit organization serving Indiana. Heart Reach Carmel was established in 2010 by Pierre Twer and friends and is an extension of Heart Reach Michiana which was founded by Dr. Walt Halloran and friends in 2004.  Heart Reach was established to keep monies raised locally to stay locally and impact the community close to home.

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More about AED’s

An AED is a portable Automated External Defibrillator used to restart someone’s heart in the event of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Each year sudden cardiac arrest kills 335,000 people of all ages and fitness levels without warning.  Ninety five percent of those who suffer from SCA die because CPR and defibrillation usually occur too late, if at all.

If the first person on the scene knew CPR and applied an Automated External Defibrillator within 5 minutes, the AHA estimates that at least 40,000 more lives per year could be saved.  Calling 911 and performing CPR are not enough.  Most victims need an electric shock called defibrillation to restore the heart to a regular rhythm.  By placing these devices in the hands of first responders and trained individuals in public locations we are increasing their chance of survival. 

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Program Goals:

100 percent of all proceeds go directly into purchasing AED’s for police vehicles in Indiana. In recent years Bolt for the Heart has equipped nearly every Indiana State Police vehicle with an AED, but the mission is not complete. The goal is to provide AED’s for other police agencies in every corner of the state and continue this lifesaving mission for many years to come.