ISP Believes Parts of Video at East Fork Farms Released By PETA Was Filmed Somewhere Else

(BROWNSTOWN) – Indiana State Police say a portion of the two-hour video filmed released by PETA was not filmed at East Fork Farms in Brownstown.

PETA, an animal rights organization, is accusing East Fork Farms of animal cruelty after receiving a video that shows animals living in poor conditions.

ISP Sgt. Stephen Wheeles says while the farm was not yet been cleared of any violations, investigators believe parts of the video were filmed somewhere else.

Investigators are still investigating the allegations.

A graphic portion of the video – three-and-a-half-minutes – was shared by PETA on Oct. 9th and can be seen here. Viewer discretion is advised.

Among other issues, the video shows that piglets – whose mothers couldn’t reach them because they were trapped in gestation and farrowing crates – died, and one deformed baby was left to die slowly next to his surviving siblings. A worker cut off piglets’ tails without any pain relief and then threw the animals several feet through the air. In addition, the waste system was brimming with feces and urine. Rats, roaches, maggots, and other insects had free run of the dilapidated sheds, which were littered with the decomposing bodies, tails, and heads of dead piglets

Attempts to reach representatives at East Fork Farms by WBIW have been unsuccessful. All numbers associated with the farm and its owners are no longer in service.

Indiana State Police investigators and a veterinarian went to the farm after the video was released and PETA called for an investigation. Sgt. Wheeler says officials did not find the conditions depicted in the video.

Sgt. Wheeler stressed that PETA was not intentionally misleading the public because they received the video anonymously from a person who said the video was filmed at East Fork Farms.

However. PETA officials say they are confident that the video was filmed at East Fork Farms stating there is evidence in the video showing it was filmed at the farm.