Monroe County Democratic Party Stands in Solidarity with the United Auto Workers

(BLOOMINGTON) – The Monroe County Democratic Party (MCDP) stands in solidarity with the United Auto Workers (UAW) in their strike against General Motors (GM).

The strike began when 46,000 workers walked out of plants across the country on September 15, 2019.

Today, negotiations are still underway.

MCDP strongly supports the demands of the UAW including “fair wages, affordable healthcare, our share of profits, job security, and a defined path to permanent seniority for temps.”

The MCDP says GM has failed workers in the United States by closing plants in the US and opening new plants in Mexico and China. GM has failed workers by allowing a three-tier wage system where temp-workers are paid less for the same job. GM has retaliated against striking workers by terminating their healthcare coverage.

Over the last three years, GM has had record-profits totaling $35 billion despite having declared bankruptcy in 2009, resulting in a $50 million bailout, as well as many concessions by the UAW. There are over 46,000 GM workers across the country, 7,000 of which are in Indiana. 

If you would like to support local and regional UAW workers, you may do so by joining the picket line at 105 GM Drive, Bedford.

MCDP is also collecting donations for the striking workers (preserved food, toiletries, gift cards for food and gas) at 116 S. Madison St., Suite A., Bloomington.