Miami Correctional Facility Builds Float for Shriners’ Club Parade

(BUNKER HILL) – Warden William Hyatte and Miami Correctional Facility are proud to unveil their design for the 2019 Logansport Shiners’ Club Parade.

Miami Correctional Facility’s Purposeful Living Units Serve (PLUS) program was excited to be asked again this year to make a float for the Logansport Shiners’ Club Parade. The theme of the parade was “Love to the Rescue” and the Shriners asked for a carousel-themed float.  The PLUS participants outdid themselves by creating this float comprised of cardboard boxes, tape, and some paint.  They only had two weeks and they managed to create a beautiful, functional float that volunteer children were able to ride.

“We are honored and privileged that the Shriners ask us each year to assist them in building a float for their parade.  We are also pleased to be involved with such a great organization that is community-focused,” stated Warden Hyatte.

The Shriners is an organization that use to aid in natural disasters, but more recently they have focused on building a hospital for kids and medical research advancement. The Shriners is a family-oriented club that centers on a brotherhood.

Pictured: Carousel float set-up
PLUS Miami Float
Pictured: Logansport Shriner’s Parade Theme