Brownsburg Toddler Dies in Hot Car – #36 in 2019

(BROWNSBURG) – Tragically, a 21-month-old girl was found dead inside a hot car in Brownsburg on Sunday. Her family returned home from church and everyone believed someone else had gotten the toddler out of the car and laid her down for a nap. The parents and four siblings laid down for a nap and discovered the girl still in the car upon waking. 

This is the 2nd child to die in a hot car in Indiana this year and the 36th nationwide. On July 9th, 3-year-old Oliver Dill died in a hot car in Evansville, IN.  

Indiana ranks #20 in the nation based on the number of child hot car deaths with 15 fatalities since 1997. Last year was the worst year in history for child hot car deaths with a total of 53 children that died nationwide. 

The Hot Cars Act is a federal bill would require technology in all vehicles to help prevent these unthinkable fatalities. is working hard to make sure it is passed quickly. 

While education and awareness about hot car deaths is at an all-time high, so is the number of children that continue to die in hot cars. The technology exists to prevent these unthinkable tragedies. What are we waiting for?

Hot car deaths continue to take place because nobody believes this could happen to them. Please help us raise awareness about these predictable and preventable tragedies.


368/25/2019BrownsburgINGirl21 mosF
358/16/2019BoonevilleMSLincoln Knox Dodds21 mosM
348/16/2019LindenwoldNJMillani Robertson-Lawrence2 yrsF
338/11/2019LawrenceKSDéVonté Lashawn Turner2 yrsM
328/9/2019KnoxvilleTNBoy6 mosM
318/7/2019ColumbusNEBoy1 yrM
308/6/2019MoultrieGADamian Elias Leyva21 mosM
298/5/2019San DiegoCAScarlett Grace Harris2 yrsF
288/5/2019RuffinSCCristina Pangalangan13 yrsF
278/1/2019CorbinKYAubrey Rose2 yrsF
268/1/2019GarlandTXVictoria Tran9 mosF
247/29/2019Oakland ParkFLNoah Sneed2 yrsM
237/26/2019KingsbridgeNYPhoenix Rodriguez1 yrM
227/26/2019KingsbridgeNYLuna Rodriguez1 yrF
217/16/2019RichmondVALucinda Kaye Diaz10 mosF
207/11/2019SmyrnaTNDaylin Palmer3 yrsM
197/9/2019EvansvilleINOliver Dill3 yrsM
187/2/2019DentonTXSarbesh Gurung2 yrsM
176/30/2019Sioux CityIAGirl16 mosF
166/28/2019MorristownTNBoy3 yrsM
156/26/2019DothanALCastiel King2 yrsM
146/22/2019GalvestonTXRyan Peña18 mosM
136/21/2019BardwellTXMia Villegas11 mosF
126/20/2019Providence VillageTXKaysen Neyland4 yrsM
116/8/2019Rose HillKSGirl3 mosF
106/2/2019Calverton ParkMOJoseline Marie Eichelberger11 mosF
95/22/2019BlythewoodSCZion Oyedapo Akinrefon4 yrsM
85/22/2019JacksonvilleFLBrooklyn Isaac4 mosF
75/11/2019Lake HavasuAZMalia Mae MartinInfantF
65/6/2019LakewoodNJChaya Shurkin20 mosF
55/4/2019St. PaulMNRiley Taylor4 yrsM
45/2/2019Winson-SalemNCKaiden Logan9 mosM
34/22/2019GlendaleAZGirl18 mosF
24/10/2019Perdido KeyFLJoy Monell-Merritt2 yrsF
14/4/2019MelbourneFLRichard Wighard14 mosM