Pence’s OORAH Act Passes House

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – U.S. Representative Greg Pence (R-IN) is thanking House colleagues for passing his legislation to help terrorist victims and their families collect financial judgments from the 1983 Marine Barracks Terrorist Attack in Beirut.

The “Our Obligation to Recognize American Heroes (OORAH) Act” was passed by the House 397-31 on Wednesday night.

That attack in 1983 killed 241 Americans, including 220 Marines.

Pence was a Marine at that time. He said he was lucky.

“My battalion shipped out 10 days before the bombing,” Pence said on the House floor Tuesday night. “I was able to come home to my wife, who was expecting our first child, and my family in Columbus, Indiana.”

“This bipartisan legislation will provide a sliver of justice to the 241 heroes who were not as lucky that day.”

The act will head to conference before being sent to President Trump’s desk for signature.