Carmel Bans Vaping In Most Public Places

(CARMEL) – The city of Carmel is banning the use of e-cigarettes in most public places.

City councilors unanimously approved the ban last night. It’s an extension of the city’s current smoking ban, which was passed in 2005. That means the ordinance exempts three bars, a night club, and a retail tobacco store, which were grandfathered in when the original ban was passed.

“Vaping had to be addressed,” said City Councilor Sue Finkam. “It’s become clearly almost an epidemic in our high school setting in particular and we had to put step in place to limit access.”

Outside the exempt businesses, people will not be allowed to vape in taverns, retail shops, sports venues, schools, school buses, trails, parks and within 10 feet of a business.

People caught violating the ordinance could face a $50 fine for the first violation and a fine from $75-$500 for a second violation in the same calendar year.