Muncie Accepting Cat Food, Kitty Litter as Payment for Parking Tickets

(MUNCIE) – The city of Muncie has come up with a clever way for people to pay off their parking tickets.

The city’s animal shelter is overrun with cats and kittens. Right now the shelter is home to around 350 cats. All those cats need food, which can be challenging for the shelter to keep up with.

Now the city’s police department is partnering with the animal shelter in a program that will allow those who have unpaid parking tickets to pay them off with cat food.

“I think it’s really going to take off,” said police spokeswoman Jami Brown, whose daughter works at the city shelter. “There is just an explosion of little kitties here. It’s been pretty overwhelming for and all the other employees lately.”

Its simple. If you have a $25 parking ticket that you still need to pay off, you buy $25 worth of cat food, wet or dry, or even cat litter and bring it and your parking ticket to the animal shelter. Once the food is handed over to the animal shelter, the police department voids the parking ticket.

They will not except cat food as payment for parking in handicap spots.

Brown said she thinks this model could be expended into other platforms.

“I’m hoping this will be a trend,” Brown said. “Coming up with different things so we can not only help the animals but may kids and other community members.”