Bedford Board Of Works Approves Several Requests

(BEDFORD) – The Bedford Board of Works approved several items that were on their agenda Monday afternoon.

The tabled request from Jerry Garland, of 2104 H Street, was approved. There were some questions regarding his plans. The drive will be built up to a shed he has on his property. Plan Commissioner Dan Kirk supported the project.

Garland wants his renters to be able to park in the driveway verses on the street and then at a later time he wants to move a family member into the home. There were also questions regarding existing water and gas lines in the area. The Board of Works approved the request on approval of the utility companies.

Other business included:

Bedford Police Officer Zakry E. Brooking was sworn in as a Probationary Police Officer. Officer Brooking moved to Mitchell back in 8th grade and attended the University of Southern Indiana. He eventually transferred to the Indiana University and enrolled in their Cadet Program. He was hired in March after going through the Indiana University Academy, and he has already completed his Field Training Program.

Officer Zakry E. Brooking with his parents at the swearing in ceremony at the Board of Works Monday evening.

The Board of Works approved the Rave Mobile Alert (Formerly Rapid Notify) for emergency notification services. The Board of Works approved the contract with a 3 year term which will give the city a three percent savings. They will see if the system meets the needs of the city.

The Rave Mobile Alert will notify employees as well as residents of emergencies in the city, such as this water leak Saturday evening on 25th Street in Bedford.

The Board of Works also approved a $1,234,000 contract to improve the water treatment plant grid system. According to Adams it has been since 1970 since any improvements were made to the system.

The approval for the contract will encompass all three projects into one, with the cost of $1,234,000 to cover all three. The first phase is planned for the design work of the contract. Lochmuller Group was at the meeting to provide information or answer question from the Board of Works members.

Bedford Fire Chief Dewayne Turpen requested the approval of personnel changes. Board of Works approved the promotions from probationary to permanent status of three Bedford firefighters. These include Lieutenant David R. Wright, Senior Firefighter Ronnie Prince, and Firefighter 2nd Class Joshua T. Downing. According to Chief Turpen all have been evaluated and been in the positions for over six months.

A “Children At Play” sign as well as a speed limit sign was approved for the intersection of 12th and Oak Manor. The request from Lisa Lacouver will go on to the Bedford City Council for the speed limit sign. Chief Moore states that there is a speed limit sign coming from the North but not the South on Oak Manor. The area lacks sidewalks with children using the streets to walk and bike. The speed limit in the area will be reduced down to 20 m.p.h. to encourage traffic to slow down.

A request for a curb cut for a driveway was accepted. After several questions on the project and how much the owner was planning to go back on his property, it was approved contingent on the water and gas companies approval. The owner already got approval from the gas company, but they will be meeting in the future with the Bedford Utilities for their approval.

Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore also requested the promotion of Sergeant Jesse Crane to Captain. Crane has been a Bedford police officer for over 10 years. He has been in the role as Captain for the last six months on a probationary basis and has been evaluated. Chief Moore states says he is ready to take on his new role.

The Board of Works approved a Fire Protection Services agreement with the Oolitic Fire Department to provide fire protection, EMS and extrication to the northside of the bridge construction on Oolitic Road. If a fire were to occur north of the bridge construction it would take several minutes for Bedford to get to the fire. Once they arrived on the scene they would assume command of the scene, and the contract will only last until the end of construction.

The final order of business was to approve an additional approval of $27,285 for the Lincoln Avenue project. The additional contract was needed due to concrete not being added to the original contract for curbing. There was also not enough funds to cover the painting of yellow lines which costs an additional $1,200.