Lawrence County Fair Set To Get Underway

(BEDFORD) – The Lawrence County 4-H Fair is set to get underway, kicking off with the Queen and Princess Contest Friday evening.

Ellie Matheny age 9, registers her craft Thursday evening.

Rick Wessel is this year’s fair board president and will be overseeing the operation. It takes around 50-60 volunteers to be able to set up and get things ready for the fair.

Rick and Pam Wessel setting up tents for this year’s fair.

Wessel served five years as vice-president previously and has been on the fair board for the last 28 years. He says most of the fair board members are over the age of 60; “we will need younger adults getting involved.”

Wessel says storms caused a lot of damage to certain areas of the fairgrounds this year and it took a lot of work to repair the damage.

The horse barn is needing a major renovation. To be able to raise funds for that project, the Lawrence County Community Foundation will have a matching grant up to $1,900. Anyone wishing to donate for the renovation of the horse barn needs to earmark their donation for that project.

Heaven Cooper age 12, is preparing to enter her farm scene project in this year’s fair.

This year’s fair has a lot of activities and events planned for people of all ages. This year, the famous Granpa Crachet will be a hilarious and educational show that will be fun for the whole family – “Right to the Moon Baby!”

With most kids entertainment lacking valuable lessons, Granpa Cratchet makes sure to teach the whole family the importance of a different value, with safety being this year’s theme.

Granpa’s Workshop spotlights Granpa, Cousin, Clem, Grunt the Pig, and host of other critters. This fast-paced, audience participation, slapstick show features Granpa’s inventions, including a toilet paper dispenser that spits out a whole roll in five seconds flat, all over the workshop and Granpa!

The kids have to repeat the secret password, “Safety First” to join Granpa in the shop. The big ending comes when Granpa’s popcorn popper blows sky high and Granpa himself learned just how important it is to live safely.

Carnival Rides:

Carnival rides will be a part of this year’s fair. Costs between $15 to $25 a wristband. On Wednesday a wristband will cost $25 for two people.

This year’s carnival rides are provided by Wabash Valley Show Carnival and will open nightly at 5 p.m. The rides are ready and have been inspected for safety. The cost for a wrist band averaging $15-20 depending on the night. The best evening to come to ride will be Wednesday night when you can purchase two wristbands for $25 or Family night on Thursday for $15.

Animal Safety and Ground Security:

One of the fair’s upmost responsibility is animal safety and care. With the hot temperatures, 4-Hers, leaders and committee members will make sure that the animals are cared for and have plenty of water. At least two vets will be on site for the duration of the fair. Officials, 4-Hers and committee members will make sure the pigs have bottled ice, since they do not sweat, and fans are running for each of the other livestock animals.

Many registering their projects and were getting ready to present those projects for judging.

There will be no overnight stays on the fairgrounds with security being in place on a nightly basis to make sure that no one is on the grounds that should not be. The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department reserve officers will also be on the premises during fair hours to make sure it is a family friendly event.

Everyone is encouraged to come out to the fair at least once this year, and enjoy all the food, fun and excitement of the festivities.

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