Celebrate Impact of Internships on Indiana Intern Day, July 25

(INDIANAPOLIS) – The Indiana Commission for Higher Education and Indiana INTERNnet are encouraging employers to take a day to celebrate and recognize interns and meaningful internship experiences during the first Indiana Intern Day on July 25.

Modeled after National Intern Day, Indiana Intern Day offers a chance for employers, schools and interns to spotlight the impact of internships on Indiana’s workforce and the K-12 and higher education learning landscape.

“Meaningful internships offer value beyond preparing students for the workforce. Internships are the most highly-valued work experience when employers are evaluating graduates for hire, as we highlighted in our College Value Index,” said Indiana Higher Education Commissioner Teresa Lubbers. “Internships also provide Hoosier learners with an opportunity to forge connections in the local community and encourage interns to stay in Indiana after they graduate.”

Indiana Intern Day has been recognized with a proclamation by Gov. Eric Holcomb.

“So many people found their career or favorite employer through an internship experience, and strong support of interns can result in a positive impression that lasts a lifetime,” said Mike Slocum, executive director of Indiana INTERNnet, a program managed by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. “Sharing our stories online is a great way to encourage more high school and college students to find internships next summer, or even still for this fall. Indiana Intern Day will celebrate a great 2019 summer internship season.”

Employers and intern supervisors can fill out this pledge form to recognize interns on Indiana Intern Day. A digital media kit is available for employers to use and show how they are celebrating interns on social media and by using the hashtag, #INInternDay.

Interns are also encouraged to take to social media and share how employers are recognizing their contributions. Interns and employers are invited to join the Indiana Intern Day meet-up at the Indiana Statehouse Market at Robert D. Orr Plaza between 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. on July 25.