Terre Haute Man Arrested After Soliciting Female Inmate

(SULLIVAN) – A Terre Haute man was arrested early Tuesday morning after soliciting a female inmate.

Rodney Sneath

Sullivan County Sheriff’s officers say 64-year-old Rodney Sneath participated in video visits and phone conversations with a female inmate at the Sullivan County Jail.

In the visits, Sneath can be heard offering to put money on female inmate accounts, in exchange for sexual contact, after the inmate was released from jail.

Jail records show that Sneath did deposit money on a female inmate’s books, shortly after those conversations.

Authorities say Sullivan County Jail inmates are limited to video visits, so no physical contact occurred.

Sneath was arrested charges of unlawful proposition and booked into the Sullivan County Jail on $4,000 bond.

He has since been released.

Sneath is scheduled to make his initial court appearance July 11th.