Burglar Leaves Behind Polar Pop and Cigarette Butts After Breaking Into Bloomington Home

(BLOOMINGTON) – Bloomington Police say a burglar got careless after leaving behind a Polar Pop drink and cigarette butt after breaking into a home in the 110 block of East 19th Street.

Police detectives were alerted to the burglary at 10:30 a.m. Saturday.

The three residents who live in the home were out of town and were not sure when the crime happened.

One resident returned home around 7 p.m. Friday to find the door next to the house’s carport busted in.

Police say a flat screen television, a GoPro camera, electronics, and clothing were stolen.

Police found the Polar Pop and cigarette butt found inside the house and determined they were left by the burglar since no one in the home smoked.

Police sent the items for DNA testing.

Anyone with information about the burglary is asked to call the Bloomington Police Department.