Retiring Employees Honored At NLCS School Board Meeting

(BEDFORD) – Thursday evening, the retiring employees of the North Lawrence Community Schools were honored at the school board meeting.

The 20 schools teachers will retire with more than 662.5 years of experience, and the 11 support staff employees will retire with over 245 years of experience. Leaving a combined total of 907 years of experience that will exit the school
system. One of the school teachers being in the same building for over 33 years.
“I will miss the students, not the paperwork. The highlight of my career is seeing my students graduate,” said Cathy Clouse Medora Joint Service employee. Clouse retired after 29.5 years with the North Lawrence Community Schools.
Morrison 2.JPG
Jane Morrison in the middle retires after 35 years at Bedford Middle School.
“I will miss the students. Most are former students that I have taught before. And I will tell the people who have worked with me over the years,” said Jane Morrison. Morrison will retire with more than 35 years of service to the North Lawrence Community Schools.
Elizabeth Crane will retire as a Heltonville 4th-grade teacher after 48 years with the North Lawrence Community Schools.
jan morrison.JPG
Heltonville teacher Elizabeth Crane retires after 48 years of teaching.
“Over the 48 years, I have kept pictures, and the different stories behind those pictures are a wonderful memory of my career,” stated Crane.
Jan Kirk spent her career in Needmore for more than 39 years, six years at the old Needmore School, and the remaining 33 years at the present Needmore School which was constructed in 1986.
“I spent 12 years of my education at Needmore. Then, when I became a school teacher, I replaced my second-grade teacher, Mrs. Sears. I have been a Hill Topper for over 51 years. I believe in Purple and Gold,” Kirk stated. Kirk won the Ray Frye award this year at Needmore.
Jill Lutes has kept the Purple and Gold colors her whole teaching career.
“I have been a teacher at both Needmore and Shawswick Schools; therefore, I did not have change any attire. I have enjoyed the enthusiasm of the students coming into the art class. I had one student who learned how to design jewelry, and now she works for the Shane Company traveling places I have never been myself. My career started at one of the smallest schools in the state, at Medora.”
Lutes will retire after 32 years with the North-Lawrence Community Schools.
ty award.JPG
Eleven employees of the support staff are retiring, from Library Aides, Kitchen help, and Custodians. The value of these employees has not gone unnoticed by the School Corporation, who appreciate all the hard work they do to keep the schools up and running. Dr. Ty Mungle, during the school board meeting, acknowledged their service and contributions to the school corporation.
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Following is a list of certified retirees:

  • Lowell Bailey – BNL Science Teacher – 34 years of service
  • Deanne Blackburn – BNL Business Teacher – 27 years
  • Cathy Clouse – Joint Services Medora – 29.5 years
  • Elizabeth Crane – Heltonville 4th Grade – 48 years
  • Denise Dillman – Springville Kindergarten – 44 years
  • Judith Fields- Oolitic Middle School Social Studies – 48 years
  • Beth Freeman – Fayetteville/Springville Music Teacher – 39.5 years
  • Rebecca French -Traveling Music Teacher/PE – 28 years.
  • Kathy Hammel – Lincoln/Kindergarten – 38 years
  • Phil Hipsking – Oolitic Middle School/U.S. History – 28 years
  • Diane Inman – Shawswick Middle School/Kindergarten – 37 years
  • Mary Kinser – North Lawrence Career Center/Health Careers – 22 years
  • Jan Kirk – Needmore Second Grade – 39 years
  • Jim Lewis – Shawswick Elementary Fifth Grade – 34.5 years
  • Jill Lutes – Shawswick/Needmore Art teacher- 32 years
  • Cynthia Martin – Springville 5th Grade- 20 years
  • Christie Maxwell – Lincoln/Kindergarten – 40 years
  • Shawn McCollum – Lincoln/ Resource – 19 years
  • Jane Morrison – Bedford Middle School / Resource – 35 years
  • Marta Vice- Shawswick Elementary 1 st Grade – 20 years

Support Staff:

  • Bonnie Craig – Library Aide/Needmore – 37 years
  • Yvonne Cummings – Kitchen Manager/ Heltonville – 15 years
  • Darcy Clark – Title I Coordinator- 22 years
  • Shelley Fox – Custodian/Hall monitor – 28 years
  • Tammy Helton – Administrative Assistant Parkview Primary – 18 years
  • Tim Hicks – Custodian Bedford Middle School – 27 years
  • Rita Jones – Custodian Bedford Middle School – 11 years
  • Vicky Jones – Custodian Parkview Intermediate – 12 years
  • Joe Kern – Maintenance- 18 years
  • Janet Lynn – Certified Payroll/Administrative Assistant – 21 years
  • Bettye Walker – Administrative Assistant- 36 years