Man Accused Of Attempting To Kidnap Woman From Nursing Home

(BROWNSTOWN) – A Columbus man was arrested after he attempted to kidnap a woman outside of Hoosier Christian Village in Brownstown.

joesph mclaughlin.jpg
Police arrested 37-year-old Joseph McLaughlin on a felony charge of kidnapping, criminal confinement, and intimidation.
McLaughlin is accused of attempting to kidnap a female employee on Wednesday, April 10 at 10:32 p.m. from the parking lot of Hoosier Christian Village, on South Sugar Street.
The woman told police McLaughlin followed her closely as she was going to her vehicle to get a scarf. McLaughlin told the woman he thought his mother’s truck was parked in the area. When she got close to her vehicle, McLaughlin put a hand on her shoulder and put something against her back, which she thought was a gun.
According to a probable cause affidavit, McLaughlin told the woman to get into her car, and she was going to give him a ride. She refused.
He then backed away from her and ran to his truck and drove away.
The woman then locked herself in her car for about 10 minutes before going back inside the nursing home where she called the police.
Police located McLaughlin Wednesday morning in Seymour. Seymour Police conducted a traffic stop and arrested McLaughlin.
McLaughlin denied the crime saying the woman was angry because he accused her of stealing money from a resident.