Washington Woman Arrested On Handgun Charges

(WASHINGTON) – A Washington police spent more than an hour chasing a vehicle with a domestic fight inside Tuesday.

Washington police say the incident started around 9 p.m. when officers received information of an argument between a male and female in white Ford Taurus driving recklessly on Cable Avenue. The caller reported the woman had fired a handgun out the window of the vehicle.
Police searched for the vehicle and then received a report of an altercation on North Street where a male had busted the window out of the same white Ford Taurus.
Officers stopped the vehicle at Cable Avenue and recovered a .380 semi-automatic pistol.
Officers arrested 19-year-old Joezie Mumma on charges of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon, possession of a handgun, possession of fake identification.
She was released from the Daviess County Security Center on a $2,500 bond.
Officers also arrested William Byers, 19, Washington, on a charge of criminal recklessness. He is being held on $2,000 bond.