Bedford Police Captain Chen Receives Hall Of Fame Commendation

(BEDFORD) – Being a police officer is never easy, and faced with many dangerous situations in their careers. Everything they do is scrutinized by their response and whether it was justifiable or unjustified, and whether it was lawful, or unlawful.

A Bedford Police officer was faced with a dangerous situation in February. Captain Tim Chen was able to resolve the situation without anyone getting hurt.
officer chin.JPG
In February, a call was dispatched that a man was holding a woman and his son hostage. Captain Chen arrived first on the scene and started speaking to the man through a window, or
door of the house.
Capt. Chen talked the man into releasing his son and, after his son was out of the home, Capt. Chen went inside. Once inside he found no one else was in the home except the man who held his son hostage, who was holding a gun to his chest.
Capt. Chen began talking to the man through a side door. After almost 45 to 50 minutes of negotiations Capt. Chen was able to talk the man into dropping the gun and getting medical and professional help.
An ambulance was dispatched, and the man was taken to a local hospital for a medical evaluation.
Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore says the outcome could have been much different; if the person used the weapon on himself or pointed the firearm towards the officer. Fortunately, through the experience and training of Capt. Chen, he was able to bring this situation to a close without any getting hurt or killed.
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The Police Hall of Fame Commendation Award and pin was given to Captain Chen on Monday evening at the Board of Works meeting by Chief Moore.
Officers Nick Curlo, and Robert Looney and Assistant Chief Joe DeWees who also responded that day were recognized.
“You need to be proud of your father, what he did that day was very important and you can be proud of the things he has done.” Byron Buker told Chen’s son.
Chief Moore stated situations like this have huge impacts when officers are placed in these situations. Many reliving the experience and lose sleep in thinking about what could and how events unfolded.
“He showed great restraint using his many years of experience and was able to bring this to a safe conclusion,” said Chief Moore.