Provision Approved To Name City Council Member To Green Hill Cemetery Board

(BEDFORD) – The Board of Works on Monday approved a contract provision to add a city council member to the Green Hill Cemetery Association.

In order for a City Council member to be on the board they are certain provisions that the member must meet. The council member either has to own a lot, or have a family member that has a lot in the cemetery.
green hill cemetery.JPG
The signing of the contract was tabled at a previous meeting, under the recommendation of Board of Works member Byron Buker.
Buker stated that normally when the city enters into agreements with other organizations that they have a council member on those boards, to make sure there is transparency. In addition to Green Hill, other organizations include the Lawrence County Humane Society, and the Lawrence County Solid Waste District.
Attorney Brent Steele reminded the board that this is providing a service and is not a gift.
“We have a member that meet those requirements, and is not being challenged in the upcoming election,” said Buker.
The contract will go from a one year contract to a three year contract paying the Association a total of $2,500 for 26 months.
In the previous, meeting Parks Director Barry Jeskewich stated this agreement has worked well for both parties last year and was pleased with the results.
Board Reconsiders Stop Sign at 21st and P streets
George Gabel, who lives at 2028 P Street, asked the Board of Works to reconsider placing a stop sign at 21st and P streets.
stop sign p street.JPG
In appealing to the Board, he said there are several cars speeding in the area traveling between 45 to 50 miles per hour and there are no sidewalks in the are and he is concerned that a small child may get hit.
He added that several parked vehicles have been struck in the area.
The Bedford Police Department did place speed monitoring devices in the area to determine rates of speed.
The Board took the matter under advisement.
Additional Appropriations for Streetscape and Limestone Trail
The Board approved three additional appropriations for the Limestone Trail and Streetscape Project.
The first is to provide reports to the Indiana Department of Transportation. This was outside the original contract. There are some reporting requirements that still are due. These requirements need to be completed before June. The additional appropriation for Amendment 2 of the Stellar Limestone Trail Phase II Project is $39,878.
The second appropriation is for the Stellar Street Project was for extended services for completion of services. This is to complete some projects that need finished, that were held over from some other projects that was being worked on by Milestone.
“I thought maybe we could have some of this work completed in March, but due to the cold, rain, and other delays they have not yet been able to get to them.” Marla Jones Community Development director stated.
The total cost for this amendment was $32,566.
Finally, the third appropriation was to help with Nomination of National Historical Places for the Northside District and Walking Tour pamphlet.
In agreement, the City of Bedford worked with property owners at 1400 L Street to help preserve the limestone sidewalk. The city removed the limestone that previously existed and newer Limestone was put in its place.
Other areas along the Limestone Trail that are planned to be added to the Historical Register include the area near 16th Street, the area around M and P street to the west, as well as two or three houses near 14th and L Streets. The improvements should add to the value of the homes.
A pamphlet and walking brochure will be produced to provide information to the public and promote the area. The total appropriation will be $45,000.
Jones provided the Board with some updates, which included angle parking on the west side of J Street and no parking on the East side of J Street. They also said stripping for the parking lot behind Stonegate Arts and Education Center will begin within the next few weeks. A mural will also be going up next week and, during the week of May 16th, there will be a walk though to encourage businesses to locate downtown and start investing in downtown.
“When you look at the new Downtown you just say wow,” emphasized Buker.
More Lighting Added To Stonegate Arts and Education Parking Lot
The Board approved adding two new lights to the parking area behind Stone Gate Arts and Education Center and Lawrence County Museum. The total will be $2,576.02 this is providing better lighting and security to the area.