Juveniles Responsible for Vandalism in Farmersburg

(FARMERSBURG) – Investigators said they now know who’s responsible for a rash of vandalism’s spanning over the last few months.

Those people are now facing charges.
Since the first of the year authorities said they’ve gotten about 20 calls about vandalism in Farmersburg, Indiana.
Mostly, rocks being thrown through windows.
The Marshal’s office reports three kids are to blame.
Police said they think the kids were behind at least 11 of those cases.
Investigators said the kids threw rocks, bricks, and even boulders through home and car windows.
They’re facing misdemeanor charges for criminal mischief. Their names won’t be released since they are juveniles.
They estimate the kids caused $8,600 worth of damage.
Information WTHITV, https://www.wthitv.com