Readjusting spaces at IU Health Bedford Hospital

BEDFORD – Healthcare needs are ever-changing, so IU Health Bedford Hospital is undergoing construction efforts to expand its emergency department to better care for its community.

“We saw over 23,500 emergency patients in 2023, a 54% increase compared to 2018, and with the closure of the only other local hospital, we knew we had to do something to ensure our patients could continue to get the care they need close to home,” said IU Health Bedford Hospital Chief Operating Officer Larry Bailey.

After careful consideration, it was decided that the Emergency Department would expand into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) space.

“Minimal renovations were needed to make the ICU space ready to care for our Emergency patients,” said Bailey. “The entire project is scheduled to be completed by the end of the month.”

To accomplish this, ICU and Progressive Care Unit beds will be moved into the original Medical Surgical (Med/Surg) unit, and some Med/Surg beds will be relocated to the Ambulatory Care Unit.

Care has continued for all impacted units throughout this project, and IU Health Bedford Hospital looks forward to seeing how this space readjustment benefits its community.