Community Corrections saves county millions in incarceration fees

BEDFORD – Chad Shew with Community Corrections presented the Lawrence County Commissioner with statistics for the year 2023.

Lawrence County Community Corrections saves the county thousands of dollars. Grants and user fees fully support the program.

During 2023, Community Corrections provided services for 538 adults and 99 juveniles.

Commissioner Dustin Gabhart. He also serves on the Community Corrections Advisory Board.

“It was a more than 1.4 million dollar saving for the jail,” said Commissioner Dustin Gabhart.

“More than 3,000 hours were spent on road crew, which was a tremendous savings to the county,” added Shew. We had 76 unemployed, and now 46 have gained employment.”

Adult Statistics:

1, Electronic Monitoring Program

  • 71.25 percent completed the program
  • 199 individuals served, 242 total cases (43 people on EM for more than one year)
  • 26,038 EM/HD days were completed, and $1,436,776.80 in incarceration savings ($55.18 daily DOC per diem).
  • 46 participants gained employment – 61 percent (76 unemployed participants began the program), and nine participants were disabled

Alcohol Monitoring Program

  • 36 individuals, 45 total case
  • 25 successful completions, 13 unsuccessful completions, four are still active

Community Transition Program

  • 100 percent completion rate
  • Eight individuals were served
  • Six successful completions and two are still active
  • 431 prison days were diverted, an IDOC incarceration savings of $23,782.58 ($55.18 per diem per day)

Pre-Trial Supervisions

  • 61 percent completion rate
  • 63 individuals served, 73 total cases
  • 67 cases supervised on Electronic Monitoring House Arrest as a condition of Pre-Trial release
  • Six cases supervised on GPS only as a condition of Pre-trail Release

Adult Community Service/Road Crew

  • 4796.75 Community Service hours, 237 individuals, served 17 agencies
  • 3,000 Road Crew hours, 115 individuals
  • 117 successful completions, 22 unsuccessful, 115 still active
  • $56,526.44 total labor cost savings (minimum wage hours completed)

Juvenile Statistics

1, Electronic Monitoring Program

  • 63 percent completed the program
  • 20 youths served, 43 total cases (43 people on EM for more than one year)
  • 27 completions, 16 unsuccessful
  • 1,151 EM days served, detention savings of $155,385 ($ 135 daily per diem in a secure detention facility)

Juvenile Community Service/Road Crew

  • 62 Youth served, 102 total supervision
  • 1,174 work hours completed
  • 88 successful completions, 11 unsuccessful, four remain active
  • $8,511.50 total labor cost savings to the community

Juvenile Problem Solving Court

  • 17 Youth served
  • Four successful completions, five unsuccessful completions, one withdraw, and five remain active

Cost Savings Summary

  • $1,436,776.80 from Adult Home Detation in Jail savings
  • $155,385 Juvenile Detention savings
  • $56,526.44 Adult Community Service labor hours
  • $8,511.50 in Juvenile Community Service labor hours
  • $23,782.58 in DOC prison savings from CTP supervision
    Total savings: $1,680,982.20

Grant Dollars Received

  • $266,723 IDOC Adult Program Grant
  • $57,226 DIOC Juvenile Program Grant
  • $10,000 Indiana Supreme Court Grant for Problem Solving Court
  • $10,000 IDOC Juvenile Discretionary Grant
    Total savings: $343,949

Based on the statistics, the advisory board said each program produced high success rates. The cost savings created by these programs are significant.

Lawrence County Community Corrections has embraced the eight principles of effective intervention and implemented evidence-based practices that have been utilized to promote success within these programs.