Man arrested on OWI charges after testing positive for meth, cannabis, and amphetamines

BEDFORD – A Mithell man was arrested on drug charges after Bedford Police Officer Sarah Haluda stopped his vehicle on Wednesday, March 20 when she observed him run a red light on K Street at 6:30 p.m.

The driver accelerated and turned west onto 13th Street. The officer followed when the vehicle turned north on L Street and continued into a parking lot of Mason Accounting on L Street.

Justin Terrell

The driver was 39-year-old Justin Terrell.

As Officer Haluda approached the passenger-side window, she observed Terrell with what appeared to be a towel wrapped around something between his legs. He was fumbling with it. Officer Haluda said Terrell appeared nervous, shifting around in his seat, and continuing to fumble with the item between his knees.

Officer Haluda asked for Terrell’s license and registration. Terrell was asked why he was so nervous and wouldn’t respond. He was asked if he had taken any drugs and Terrell replied he was on Suboxone.

Officer Haluda asked for consent to search Terrell’s vehicle and he denied that request.

When asked to step out of the vehicle and perform a field sobriety test, Terrell said he was blind in one eye but could perform the tests.

Terrell was unable to keep his balance and failed several tests. He agreed to take a SoToxa test. SoToxa test is a handheld analyzer that uses an oral fluid swab to detect the presence of six kinds of drugs: cocaine, methamphetamine, opiates, cannabis (THC), amphetamine, and benzodiazepines.

Terrell tested positive for cannabis, amphetamines, and meth and was detained.

During a search, police found a glass pipe with meth residue in his hoodie pocket and a prescription pill bott that contained a baggy with a cut straw and crystal meth.

Officer Taylor Daugherty transported Terrell to IU Health Bedford Hospital for a blood draw.

Sgt.Faheem Bade utilized his canine Zazu who alerted police there were possible drugs in Terrell’s vehicle

Officers found a fentanyl test kit in the ashtray, numerous unopened fentanyl test kids, numerous urine drug tests, and a small baggie of crystal meth.

Terrell was transported to the Lawrence County Jail on charges of possession of meth, drug paraphernalia, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, and OWI endangerment.

His vehicle was towed by Stone City Service and Collison Center.