Attorney General Todd Rokita reveals faulty COVID-19 data in shocking report 

INDIANA – On the fourth anniversary of Gov. Eric Holcomb’s COVID stay-at-home orders, Attorney General Todd Rokita will visit the South Bend area to unveil the results of a report he commissioned to expose the actual numbers associated with the coronavirus lockdowns.  

Todd Rokita

In December of 2021, on South Bend’s WSBT, Rokita publicly questioned figures that circulated regarding the virus, mirroring the same questions being asked by Hoosiers all over the state. Our government relied on severely flawed data to inform legislative, judicial, and public policy decisions that ultimately shaped the state’s failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Attorney General Rokita will reveal the findings of his investigation into Indiana’s COVID-19 data on Saturday, March 23, at 10:00 am during the Never Forget 2020 Rally at Monterrey Mexican Bar & Grill, 507 E McKinley Ave, Mishawaka. He will be joined by local personalities and elected officials who pushed back against the lockdowns and will continue to guard against government overreach.  

State leaders and public health officials must set the record straight about what went right and wrong and refute that pandemics require a choice between saving lives and the economy. To ensure Hoosiers’ liberties are protected, Indiana policymakers must review the state’s framework for addressing any future emergency – health-related or otherwise.