Statewide 4-H Drone/UAV competition is coming in May

INDIANA- Are you in 4-H and have experience flying drones? Test your skills at the 4-H Statewide Drone/UAV Competition in Alexandria. This comprehensive competition consists of 3 challenges that will test piloting skills, programming, and general drone knowledge.

Challenge #1

Participants will be timed as they are given three chances to fly through a fixed obstacle course.  If they do not complete the obstacle course in three tries, they will not receive any points for the flights.  Up to 10 points will be awarded by placing position.   

Challenge #2

4-H members will take a 10-question quiz (grades 6-8) based on the FAA “Trust” test.  Students in grades 9-12 will take a 20-question test based on the FAA Part 107 commercial UAV and the “Trust” test.  Points will be awarded according to the correct number of questions answered. 

Challenge #3

Students will be given a minimum of 30 minutes (maximum of 45) to program a drone (using the app “Drone Blocks”) to accomplish ten specific tasks.  While flying, the mission will be attempted; grading will strictly be based on the “written” program, not the flight.  Grading will be based on whether each command should have achieved objective fulfillment.    If the program should have performed correctly until step 6, but then it was incorrect at that point, the participant will receive 5 points (one for each objective that was correctly programmed).  4-Hers cannot receive additional points past the initial point of failure.

All 4-H members will receive 4 “extra-credit” points for presenting a copy of their free FAA “TRUST” certificate at check-in (on the day of competition).  In the case of a tie, a timed obstacle flight will serve as the tiebreaker.

After members sign up for the event, they will be placed on an email chain, providing information on free programming applications, the free TRUST test, other free competition resources, and specifics on programming and flight expectations.

You can enroll at