Sheriff Day moves forward with updating security cameras at the jail

BEDFORD – An inspection of the jail noted that several security issues needed to be addressed to keep them up to date and meet safety standards for the inmates and staff.

One of the most significant was replacing the old security cameras with new ones. The preliminary estimate, given after consultation but before bids, is $616,535.

The Lawrence County Commissioners opened two bids and took those bids under advisement. After reviewing them, Sheriff Greg Day recommended the county accept a bid from SAS  Security Systems for $448,000. The Lawrence County Council must now approve the request.

One of the older cameras

The new security systems will:

  • Bring security measures up to date with 2023 jail standards
  • Improve video quality
  • Increase video duration
  • Address/minimalize camera blind spots
  • Add audio recording
  • Fix the jail door interlock system
Sheriff Greg Day

Sheriff Day also alerted the commissioner he would be renewing the Flock camera contract. Flock’s cameras read license plates and send instant alerts to law enforcement officers when the cameras identify license plates that match those on “hot lists” of cars that are stolen or otherwise of interest to the police. 

The contract is paid with commissary funds and costs $20,000 a year.

“It is a very useful tool and has helped solve thefts and burglaries, locate missing persons, recover stolen vehicles, and assist in numerous drug investigations,” added Sheriff Day. “Plus, we also can access Flock cameras anywhere in the United States.”

Sheriff Greg Day reported 111 inmates housed at the jail this morning; of those, 90 were males, 21 were females, 22 were Department of Correction hold, one was a parole hold, and six were Level 6 felons.