City Council member Penny May bestowed key to the City of Bedford.

BEDFORD – For the first time in his four years as mayor of Bedford, Mayor Sam Craig gave a key to the city of Bedford. Penny May sat in her final city council meeting on Monday after 9 years of service.

Penny May is stepping down at the end of her term this year

Mayor Craig opened by saying, “I am going to do something I haven’t yet done in my four years as mayor.”, to which May responded, “You’re not going to kiss me, are you?” which elicited raucous laughter. He then presented May the key to the City of Bedford.

Penny May stated, “This has been enjoyable at times, and at times stressful, but at all times educational for me. My plan as city council member was to serve as long as I felt I could do a good job.” After three terms, she feels the time has come to ” step away and give someone else an opportunity to do this.”