The average grandparent will be glued to their phone during the holidays

INDIANA – The typical grandparent will be glued to their smartphone for 27 hours this Christmas – as many note their tech savviness is helping them feel more connected with loved ones.

A poll, of 2,000 smartphone users who celebrate Yuletide, found those with grandchildren estimate they will spend nearly three hours a day on their devices between Christmas Eve and the New Year.

This is just less than the digitally native millennials, who expect to be on their devices for four hours a day over the same period.

The research, commissioned by Motorola, found for grandparents, the gift of reconnection is driving screen time at Christmas, with 49 percent speaking to loved ones on messenger apps, and 31 percent enjoying video calls.

Whereas 30 percent want to capture pictures and videos of all the festivities and 28 percent will be scrolling through their favorite social media app.

As a result, 58 percent agree it helps them feel more connected with their loved ones at this time of year.

Miles Norman, general manager at the mobile manufacturer, said: “Older generations are embracing their smartphones in more ways than you might imagine.

“Equipped with smartphones and tablets, they’re navigating the latest digital trends with a determined effort to connect with loved ones.”

Information: Oliver Lewis via SWNS.