City of Bedford will save over $10,000 annually with new dental provider

BEDFORD – The city of Bedford pays for the dental coverage for employees and dependents, and yesterday’s Board of Works and Safety meeting saw the board accept a new contract for the dental plan coverage.

The City’s current dental insurance is through Delta Dental and runs until the end of the year. The new contract with Paramount Dental will begin on January 1, 2024.

Prior with Delta Dental, the city paid $105,653.76 per year for dental coverage.  With Paramount Dental the city will pay $94,873.68 per year, with a cost savings of $10,780.08.

Denise Henderson, Director of Administrative Services

According to Bedford City Director of Administrative Services Denise Henderson, “For a January 1, 2024 renewal, they [Delta Dental] came back with a quote of $24.13/month for employee-only coverage and $72.36/month for employee-plus coverage.”

Employee-plus coverage includes employee dependent coverage as well.

“Paramount was able to offer the same benefit plan, with a wider network of providers, at $21.78/month for employee-only coverage and $64.90/month for employee-plus coverage.  I took the difference and then multiplied it by the amount of employees on each level of coverage and then calculated that over a year span.  Actual savings would be $10,780 per year with the switch to Paramount.”

The new coverage provides more at a better rate, which is a good step for the city to take.