VFW Post 9107 continues to serve the community

MITCHELL – VFW Post 9107, located just outside of Spring Mill Park in Mitchell, donated $64,250 to the Mitchell community in 2022, and this service returned them the ranking of third most giving of all the Indiana Veteran’s Organizations for the year.

VFW Post 9107 in Mitchell.

Bill retired from the Army where he flew the planes Steve Later worked on at CRANE. He joined the VFW after Desert Storm and took his place at the Mitchell post in 2014 after his mother left him 60 acres of land in the area.

Steve retired in 2006 after serving 20 years in the Navy, and he said he hadn’t really done anything related to being a veteran until he began working with a couple of guys who were in the VFW. Bill was one of them.

He said Bill dragged him into the VFW, and he’s been there ever since.

Headmaster Bill Henry and Commander Steve Heeve, friends since meeting in 2012.

The Veterans involved in the post enjoy giving back to the community.

Headmaster Bill Henry and Commander Steve Heeve explained that it was their way to “continue to serve” even after retiring from the military.

For them, it’s based on need and giving back to the community.

“A lot of charities in Lawrence County don’t have a lot of money and have trouble raising funds,” Bill Henry explained.

The Mitchell post primarily helps through donations, serving a whole variety of charities, non-profits, and local schools.

  • Mitchell Schools
  • The Humane Society
  • Boy Scouts
  • Sports teams
  • Children’s homes
  • Veterans in need
  • Lawrence County Autism
  • Lawrence County Cancer patients
  • L.I.F.E. Food Pantry
  • Toys for Tots

Their auxiliary, made up of people who are not full members, but are related to those who could be or are full VFW members, also do a lot of community service.

Members of the VFW Auxiliary are usually close family members of Veterans of Foreign Wars. Sisters, spouses, brothers, sons, daughters, and the like. They have a direct connection, but can’t maintain full member status, so the auxiliary branch allows them to take part.

They have an event around Christmas called Santa’s Helpers, during which they get lists of necessities and gifts for families in need, and they all do their best to purchase items to fulfill those needs.

The veterans said the giving is based more on necessity than getting the families nice-to-have items. They try to provide items on the list as best they can, but kids might not get the newest game system or the latest greatest gadget. Instead, they’ll get a toy of another sort, or a sturdy bike that will last for years of fun.

“A little more long-lasting durable stuff,” Steve explained.

These are just a few of the many ways our former armed forces continue to serve and make an impact in our community every day. We are lucky to have such community-oriented and compassionate people looking out for us even beyond the call of duty.