Mitchell Community Public Library awarded $3,000 surprise grant

LAWRENCE CO. – The Lawrence County Community Foundation’s 30th Anniversary Surprise Grant series has its latest installment.

Mitchell Community Public Library received the surprise grant, one of ten, last week after CEO Hope Flores and LCCF member Dr. Sorrels stopped by the library to hand over the check.


Dr. Sorrells, LCCF Board Member, and Hope Flores, CFP CEO, stopped by the Mitchell Community Public Library to surprise Chloe Day, Library Director, with a $3,000 surprise grant.

On October 19, at the Foundation’s 30th Anniversary Dinner, the LCCF announced their intention to give out ten surprise grants amounting in total to $30,000.

Each of the grants is $3,000, and the first was awarded to the White River Humane Society on the evening of the dinner. Bertha’s Mission, Little Theater of Bedford, and now the Mitchell Community Public Library have all been recipients of the surprise grants.

With four grants presented, the LCCF still has six $3,000 grants to award in the coming days. That’s $18,000 still remaining for other community organizations.

In total, the grants will amount to $30,000 representative of the 30 years of service the LCCF has provided for the Lawrence County Community.