Bertha’s Mission receives $3,000 surprise grant

BEDFORD Bertha’s Mission was the recipient of the Lawrence County Community Foundation’s (LCCF) second 30th Anniversary Surprise Grant this week.

Pictured left to right: Hope Flores, CFP CEO; Crystal Flinn, CFP Grants Coordinator; Janice Nickeo-Pendergrass, Bertha’s Mission Executive Director; Lisa Starr, CFP Finance and Grants Officer; Judy Quyle, CFP Communications Coordinator.

On October 19, at the Foundation’s 30th Anniversary Dinner, the LCCF announced their intention to give out ten surprise grants amounting in total to $30,000.

Each of the grants is $3,000, and the first was awarded to the White River Humane Society on the evening of the dinner.

The rest of the awards are still to be announced, so keep an eye out to see which of our local organizations will get a grant next.