Ethan O’Brien wins Limestone Capital 5K with Tate McFarland seconds behind

BEDFORD – Ethan O’Brien, 17, is from Paoli, where he and his family live. Ethan has been training with a team for three months in preparation for the race.

Ethan explained that he was just happy to run with the gift God gave him. “I didn’t expect to win. However, it felt amazing. God gave me the strength to run even when I felt like quitting.”

5K 3rd place Geoff Bush, 5K 2nd place Tate McFarland, 5K first place Ethan O’Brien, and sisters Paige and Claire Voigtschild, respectively 1st and 2nd in the 5K female division.

Paige and Claire Voigtschild are the daughters of Brent Voigtschild, who arranged the Ainsley’s Angels run.

Tate McFarland recovers on the ground after the 5K, finishing just seconds after winner Ethan O’Brien.

The competition was close, with the top three 5K finishers crossing the line in quick succession. Ethan said “He [Tate] was 4 seconds behind me the whole way.”

The 5K was the largest run of the day, with the most registered participants.